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How to Take UDI Correctly

Please watch the above video carefully where Ma talks about the significance of Baba's Udi and how to take it correctly.


1) Apply a Tilak of UDI on your forehead everyday. Baba would Himself bless devotees with UDI by applying it on their forehead. 

2) Mix a small pinch of UDI in a glass or bottle of Water and leave it overnight ideally and drink it the next day. Make this is a daily habit.

3) For Body aches and joint pains, take a pinch of udi and mix it in a small quantity say 100 ml of Sesame oil. After mixing it, keep it in the sunlight and then apply it on the affected area daily.


Baba's Manifested Udi is the most Sacred blessing and it is like touching Baba Himself. So one must treat it with utmost devotion, love, faith, care and respect.

Numerous devotees on making a special corner for keeping Udi in a sacred container have noticed that it does not get over and Baba blesses them with more.

Touch it only after washing your hands. Before applying it or having it pray to Baba with gratitude for His blessings.

It is recommended one reads the numerous leelas that show the healing power of Baba's udi which are throughout the Sai Satcharita often, especially during a period of illness, which will help increase ones faith and devotion.
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