Annadaan Mahadaan

Welcome to our community. We are simple and humble devotees 

of our Beloved Sai Baba who try to walk the path that He has showed

us by His own example. Annadaan is the highest form of Daan and 

we encourage you to join us, take inspiration and begin to live this path of Sai Babas. When we truly feel the pain of another's as our own, we are very close to Baba.

What We Do


By the grace of Baba, and the support of many committed devotees and volunteers, we get together and do Annadaan seva for many who are in need of care and love. These include the aged, disabled and poor. 

Serving the Disabled & Lepers

Baba says, those who suffer from Leprosy are the most unfortunate because they are rejected by all of society and their loved ones. Those who help them and serve them, their Karmas of a hundred lives are consolidated into one.

Providing Clothing & Medication

With Babas grace, we are able to bring basic medication and clothing for many poor people who are underprivileged and are chained by poverty. 

Get in Touch

All Sincere Devotees of Baba who would like to get involved, get inspiration or guidance on Seva or ask for Udi may get in touch via the form below. We will try our best to respond as soon as possible. 

Please note, we do not send udi repeatedly. Do leave a correct and accurate address if you request udi.

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